Real Estate Rehab Financing

You received a postcard from us! Or perhaps you found us on Instagram. Yay! The best thing to do right now is call us. Yes, call us now. Our phone number is (832) 538-1679. You received a postcard from us because you’re already rehabbing and we’d like to hear what you’re up to.


At our most basic level, we are a relationship lender. We want to learn what you need and then provide it. Also we are faster than other lenders. Way, way faster. And you can easily reach us. Like right now.


Okay, now here’s the boring lender website stuff…

Caroline Lending is a lender specializing in commercial loan programs for the acquisition and rehabilitation of residential and commercial properties. We also fund new construction.

Properties financed by Caroline are often sourced directly off the MLS, or from public auctions, REO, short sales, bank sales, and probate sales.

 We provide acquisition and rehab financing for:

  • Single family (non-owner occupied)
  • Multifamily

Please note that Caroline Lending LLC lends in multiple states, however we specifically do not lend in the State of Oregon. … Yes Oregon actually made us put that on our website!  :)