We started a category on the site called Education. We’ll add all the resources we can find in the world of rehabbing. None of the information on this page is an endorsement. These are just sources of fun information that we found on the web.


Rehab ideas:
• Completed modern farmhouse by Tom Tarrant
• In progress modern farmhouse by Tom Tarrant

Real estate methods:
• The practice of wholetailing instead of wholesaling.

J. Scott’s site:
• Real world information on 50 rehabs that J. Scott did. The overview page is here but for the education, click on each dollar amount link under the heading “Profit”. It’s always  important to see real world examples of how all the costs work.
• J. Scott’s article on the importance of using actual contracts with your contractors.

For questions on how to purchase properties at foreclosure in Texas, please see:
The FAQ page at Foreclose Houston

For mentoring on buying & rehabbing single family and multifamily deals, check out:
Lifestyles Unlimited

For the notes that Bobby took at the 2 day Financial Freedom Program at Lifestyles Unlimited just click below.
Multifamily notes – class at Lifestyles Unlimited – instructor Del Walmsley.pdf



Blogs with good info:


(The better) Real Estate Investing Clubs out there:
Atlanta, GA …
Connecticut (multiple cities) …
Fort Collins, CO …
Houston, TX …
Jacksonville, FL …
Oklahoma City, OK …
Salt Lake City, UT …
San Diego, CA …
Syracuse, NY …
Tulsa, OK …


Environmental due diligence: Flood Areas

An important part of doing your due diligence on a property is reviewing all of the environmental risks that a property might be subject to. We feel it’s important to know in advance if a prospective property is located inside a FEMA Flood Area. Here is a link to the FEMA Map Service Center:

You can use the FEMA Map Service Center to check the address of your property to see it’s location in relation to FEMA flood areas.